DU-A’A 191 To make or write love anywhere between man and wife recite surah an enthusiastic Nisa eight moments day

DU-A’A 191 To make or write love anywhere between man and wife recite surah an enthusiastic Nisa eight moments day

DU-A’A 192 To remove misunderstanding and you can discord and you can rather perform like and you will insights ranging from guy and you can spouse recite surah al Jumu-ah (chaopter 62) into Friday and you can invoke the almighty Allah meet up with your desire

DU-A’A 181 So you’re able to invoke the latest almighty Allah you to a grown up child otherwise a female feel correctly partnered, repeat the next du-a’a shortly after offering gift ideas toward worthwhile mumin brothers otherwise siblings. YAA MUSABBIBAL ASBAABI YAA MUFTTIH ‘AL ABWAABI YAA Kid H’AYTHU MAA DU-I’YA AJAABA DU-A’A 182 Based on Biharul Anwar so you can invoke the newest almighty Allah you to a grown up girl or boy feel appropriately married recite next du-a’a one hundred minutes everyday having forty consecutive months once any necessary salat. SAHLAM BIFAZ “LIKA YAA A’ZEEZ DU-A’A 183 It’s written in Badoo tanışma web sitesi Bihar al Anwar that if a grown up girl is not choosing one render of matrimony, her father would be to hope a 2 rak-at the salat (such as for instance Fajr salat) on the Monday immediately following Jumuah prayers and you may after the salam get into Sajdah and you may recite surah al Muzzammil (section 73) 21 moments. Inshallah in the near future she will be married to the ideal guy. DU-A’A 184 It is written in Biharul Anwar to type brand new after the part of verse 132 out-of on Ta Ha on a paper into the service out of musk, saffron and you will rose water and you may bind it an effective Ta’wid into the right sleeve, if the men wants to end up being hitched in the future. Bind some other Ta’wid such as for example above off to the right case of your man or woman who are negotiating the fresh offer regarding matrimony. NAH’NU NARZUQUK WAL A’AQIBATU LITTAQWAA DU-A’A 185 It is printed in Kanzul Maknun to write the newest adopting the du-a’a to your a newsprint like an effective Ta’wid and you may bind they on the right sleeve of one’s grown woman who isn’t getting any offer away from relationship. Inshallah, soon she will enter it du-a’a, it needs to be removed throughout the menses. YAA NOORA KULLI SHAY-From inside the WA HUDAAHU ANTALLAD’EE FALAQAZ’ Z’ULUMAATI BINOORUHOO DU-A’A 186 Predicated on Imam Jafar container Muhammad since Sadiq, it is printed in Biharul Anwar, anybody who really wants to marry would be to repeat the following du-a’a before making an official obtain relationships. ALLAAHUMMA INNEE UREEDU A keen ANTAZAWWAJA FAQADDIR LEE MINAN NISAA-IA’FIHUNNA FARJAN WA AH’FAZ’IHUNNA LEE Payment NAFSIHAA WA AWSA-I’HUNNA LEE RIZQAN WA A’-Z’AMIHUNNA LEE BARAKATAN Percentage NAFSIHAA WA MAALEE FAQADDIR LEE MINHAA WALADAN T’AYYIBAN TAJ-A’LUHOO KHALAFAN S’AALIH’AN Payment H’AYYAATEE WA BA’-Da MAWTEE Contd.. 41

DU-A’A 193 To help make otherwise write love anywhere between boy and you may partner recite surah al Quraysh (chapter 106) into flowers and you will they both is to smell her or him

DU-A’A 187 It’s written in Biharul Anwar when unmanageable hurdles was obstructing the marriage make the following verses (Ta Ha: 131, 132) with saffron and keep it on the body. Inshallah all of the hindrances will disappear. WA LAA TAMUDDANNA A’YNAYKA ILAA MAA MATTA’NAA BIHEE AZWAJAM MINHUM ZAHRATAL H’AYAATID DUNYAA LINAFTINAHUM FEEH WA RIZQU RABBIKA KHAYRUW WA ABQAA WA-MUR AHLAKA BIS-S’ALAATI WAS’T ABIR A’LAYHAA LAA NAS-ALUKA RIZQAA NAH’NU NARZUQUK WAL A’AQIBATU LITTAQWAA. DU-A’A 188 It’s written in Biharul Anwar one Imam Muhammad bin Ali al Baqir said : “Immediately following Nikah (marriage) if the fiance and you can bridegroom have been in their property, both is to hope a-two rakat salat. They is always to say salawat and all of whoever has been with these people might also want to say salawat and amin. DU-A’A 190 Which will make otherwise create like ranging from son and you will wife recite BISMILLAHIR RAHMAN NIR RAHIM 786 minutes into the a glass of clean (pure) drinking water and give it to your lover to possess ingesting. DU-A’A 194 To remove misunderstanding and you can discord and as an alternative would love and you may understanding anywhere between guy and you may spouse repeat (AL MAANI-U) the brand new preventer as many times that one can. DU-A’A 195

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